About the Brand

Identity Narrative is a BIPOC women-led US based fine fragrance creator founded on the belief that scent is a medium for creative self expression, and at its highest form, wearable art.

We encourage creative exploration of fragrance with our thoughtfully sourced, gender neutral, artisanal, vegan products. Experience our full Scent Palette® of 7 exceptional fragrances. Make artisanal fragrance is part of your narrative. Crafted for men • women • home.


Modern Perfumery • Elevated. Identity Narrative | Scent as Art®

is the contemporary simplicity of Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate and the Renaissance magnificence of Michelangelo’s David.

Art is Van Gogh’s ephemeral Starry Night and Georgia O’Keeffe’s modernist Poppies.

Art is the gleaming white marble of the Taj Mahal and the sensational splendor of Saint Basil’s Cathedral’s domes.

Art is found in the botanical opulence of the Gardens of Versailles and in the urban oasis of the Chicago Botanical Gardens.

Art is found in the intricately embroidered hem of a vibrant silk sari and in the abstraction of an Amy Sherald painting.

Art knows no boundaries; it is inclusive and expansive, and it revels in all that makes us human beings.

Here at Identity Narrative, we believe that scent is art. 

We express ourselves through our interests, our passions, our commitments, and our convictions. 

We express ourselves through our appearance, our emotions, our talents, and our beliefs.

And we express ourselves through signature scents. 

We can all express our moods, our spirit, and our own vision of ourselves through the scents we choose to embrace. Here at Identity Narrative, we’re changing the way we approach personal fragrance. We’re bringing the traditions and long-held beliefs about scent, fragrance, and perfume into question, and developing modern solutions that are more in line with today’s values, today’s beliefs, and today’s society.

Personalized Fragrances

As we continue to move into the realm of personalization, fragrances have been left behind.  At Identity Narrative, we’re looking to change that. Our fragrances are produced in small batches, with essences that are naturally derived from the physical elements themselves, so that you can begin to choose the worldly scents that completely embody your true identity. 

Our scent crafters blend these naturally-derived scents and fragrances with an artistic touch, free from the traditional gender and genre stereotypes, stigmas, and classifications. You can completely personalize your fragrance by selecting a singular scent or a customized blend of fragrances that truly resonates with your individual sense of self. Showcase who you are through a blend of natural scents and fragrances.

Artis in the eye of the beholder, and our gallery of fine fragrances and pure perfumes will give you the opportunity to truly showcase your own unique artistic expression of who you are through scent.

Write your own Identity Narrative and take your self-expression to the next level.

Our Mission

Each and every day, Identity Narrative takes self-expression to the next level by offering naturally-derived fragrances specifically designed to create an all-inclusive and non-gendered form of artistic expression through the medium of scent.

We believe that real beauty is natural, inclusive, and unbound by supposed “societal norms.” To fully see our mission through, we reject the use of harmful chemicals and man-made ingredients and instead, choose to make our fragrances with natural materials, in line with our desire to showcase true, natural beauty.

Artistic expression is not a talent, it’s simply a choice. With Identity Narrative, express yourself just how you want. The medium of scent can be practiced by all, anywhere, any time. 

Our Vision

As a women-led BIPOC brand, we see ourselves as more than a fragrance company. We are changing the way that people express themselves on a daily basis. By offering a high quality, non-restrictive, all-inclusive, and naturally-derived solution to the perfume industry, we are paving the way for new means of individuality and artistic expression.

Our Products

At Identity Narrative, we are intent on using naturally-derived materials to create our scents and fine perfume products. Each of our scents meets the highest of quality standard for perfume, achieving “pure perfume” status. Our scent crafters take care to preserve the natural beauty of our scents, while also injecting some of their own creativity and artistic practice into every product. 

Real Ingredients From Real Locations

We source our scent essences from their physical forms globally because to truly derive our essences naturally, we need to visit their natural habitats. When we attribute a location to one of our scents, you can rest assured knowing that you are truly experiencing the scent and essence of that specific location.