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Identity Narrative

Exposure º2

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Exposure º2

Expressive – Transformative – Connoisseur

The Exposure º2 presents itself as the perfect exposure to the long sought after portrait or landscape. The textured grain of your 4x5 film helps to set the mood as the silhouette of a figure in darkness emerges. Through our composition framed by smoky, sweet gourmand, leading lines of cinnamon and clove use symmetry to highlight the expansive depth of field created by amber, even through the expansive shadows. The resulting exposure remains engrained in our minds as the true decisive moment.


  • 50ml Essential | Eau de Parfum
  • 10ml Travel | Eau de Parfum
  • 2ml Individualist Sample | Eau de Parfum
  • 30ml Pure Perfume | Parfum
  • 100ml Home Scent | Atomizer