Firerock™️ Home Diffuser


Restocked Mar. 19, 2021

A clean, green, and portable take on environmental fragrance for your physical space.  Firerock™️ is a decidedly modern take on interior aromatics|home fragrance.  Firerock™️ infuses naturally formed lava stone with Identity's Narrative's innovative palette of seven original gender-inclusive scents, select the one that fits your mood.   

 100% sustainable: Made with natural elemental stone enlivened with Identity Narrative’s palette of fine artisanal genderless fragrances. As with all of the brand's products the fragrance is vegan and naturally derived. Includes 2ml of fragrance to refresh the stones.  



Restocked Mar. 19, 2021


• 50ml Essential | Eau de Parfum
• 10ml Travel | Eau de Parfum
• 2ml Individualist Sample | Eau de Parfum
• 30ml Pure Perfume | Parfum
• 100ml Home Scent | Atomizer