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Identity Narrative

The Individualist Samples

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The Individualist Samples Sizes empower you to try each scent your own way in your own time.  Select from our Original Seven Fragrances.

Finest quality naturally-derived niche fragrance.  Self-expression using the medium of scent, without boundaries, for women and men.  Offered in the following scents:


Curation º8

Intriguing – Self-Assured – Upbeat

The Curation º8 evokes confidence as it seamlessly integrates scents across a wide range of fragrances both sweet, sour, and rich. The intuitive coupling of sweet vanilla, citrus, and coriander creates an intriguing experience when paired with vetiver, oakmoss, and amber. As scents from lush white florals delicately dangle above the pair of couples, an envy-inducing scent is expressed.



New Minimalism º32

Brazen – Cheeky – Unapologetic

The New Minimalism º32 soars into the world of modernity without neglecting its classical Mediterranean roots. Scents of Italian Bergamot and Spanish Mandarin tempered by ocean air warm up to the rose and jasmine seeking an enticing and encouraging moment of cheeky coupling. As sultry amber, patchouli, and white musk moderate their engagement, we are left with an unapologetic, and yet minimalistic scent. 


Exposure º2

Expressive – Transformative – Connoisseur

The Exposure º2 presents itself as the perfect exposure to the long sought-after portrait or landscape. The textured grain of your 4x5 film helps to set the mood as the silhouette of a figure in darkness emerges. Through our composition framed by smoky, sweet gourmand, leading lines of cinnamon and clove use symmetry to highlight the expansive depth of field created by amber, even through the expansive shadows. The resulting exposure remains engrained in our minds as the true decisive moment.



Composition º9

Energetic – Witty – Unbounded

The Composition º9 serves as the impeccable composition for your next work of art as the blend of patchouli, bergamot, and labdanum provocatively confront your audience at their very core. However, it’s forest aesthetic of balsam and zesty bergamot restrains it, allowing you to confront it yourself, forcing you to see its kind, warmhearted side of sweet vanilla and white musk to win you over, gain your trust, and your full embrace – without them even asking.



Nomadic º7

Warm – Adventurous – Zen

The Nomadic º7 takes you on a thrilling and exhilarating adventure through the lushest of rainforests that your imagination could possibly offer. As you traverse over and through the rich greenery, you stop to fill your canteen with a burst of flavorful water containing hints of lemon and bergamot. Finally, you stumble into a clearing filled with light green florals, as scents of bourbon vanilla and Madagascan incense fill your entire being, ultimately placing you into a mental state of peaceful Zen.



Fetishized º3

Worldly – Jet-Setter – Irresistible

The Fetishized º3 brings together bergamot and bitter orange to create a simply irresistible appeal. As its complexity is fully realized, you begin to question the function of the subtle notes of orange flower, but as you continue to investigate, you find yourself rewarded the scent continues to satisfy your deepest cravings – to an extent. The ending notes of amber and vetiver leaves something to be desired – more.



Surrealism º11

Artistic – Brilliant – Fresh

The Surrealism º11evokes the brilliant colors of surrealist painters with its bright green crisp citrus aroma with layering strokes of tea leaf. These strokes demand the attention of the viewer because their carefully textured aesthetic demands recognition for its achievements. The stirring orange blossoms also work hand in hand with the scents of citrus and tealeaf to drag you into a created world where your senses are obscured by natural woods and sensual musk.